Ally Heman - Light Guitar Chords

Chords: Am, F, C, C/B, G/C, A, G
Here is Light from Ally's EP. These are the chords and lyrics as found on her 
myspace. (

Chord Progression:
Am F C C/B
Am F C G/C (it's A C slid two frets up)
Am F C C/B

I am invincible
I am just like a rock
I am so much stronger than you ever would have thought
I am your oxygen
I am not second best
I am the reason your heart is beating in your chest
I am the perfect ending
To you not-so-perfect book
But you just might see me fall
if you forget to look

you gotta keep your mind open now, my love
or else my heart just might close
and maybe the things you've said are true
maybe I broke the mold
but how am I supposed to be with someone
too caught up in the ordinary
conventional will not be my life
if I'm gonna stay, you're gonna need to find your light

I am a puzzle piece
you are the game I try to play
You're all too serious when you say that you will stay
I am a spinning image
I am a fast revolving door
I am too flexible to commit to too much more
I am a lighting bolt
and I am running through your veins
and I'm a chemical reaction and you'll never be the same


but I know you can't shine the way we do
as much as I want you to
you gotta understand
you can't just drop my hand
and run when it gets too hard
get me out of your confort zone
give me new things I don't know
I will not live here in the dark


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