Allison Weiss Guitar Chords

Allison Weiss


Songwriter and performer from Los Angeles, California. In July of 2017 they officially changed their band name to "A.W." and announced they'd be releasing all future music under the new moniker.

Guitar Chords:

Dont Go
Fingers Crossed
From You To Me
Giving Up
Heres The Plan
Hole In Your Heart
How To Be Alone
I Dont Want To Be Here
Ill Be Okay
Ill Be Okay (ver. 2)
Im Ready
I Was An Island
I Was An Island (ver. 2)
I Was An Island Remastered
Lets Leave
Making It Up
Making It Up (ver. 2)
Nothing Left
Nothing Left (ver. 2)
One Way Love
Remember When
Say What You Mean
Say What You Mean (ver. 2)
Take You Back
The End
Wait For Me
Why Bother