Allen Clapp and His Orchestra Guitar Chords

Allen Clapp and His Orchestra


b. Foster City, California, USA. Lo-fi pop guru Clapp began by playing in local garage bands during the late 80s, before picking up an acoustic guitar and focusing on demoing tunes in the classic singer-songwriter mould. A debut flexi-disc, ‘Very Peculiar Feeling’, was released in 1991, followed by ‘A Change In The Weather’, and an EP, Mystery Lawn. Clapp’s album debut, One Hundred Percent Chance Of Rain, featured a selection of brilliantly realised lo-fi pop songs and found the singer-songwriter playing nearly all the instruments himself. Instead of continuing as a one-man band, Clapp opted to form the quartet Allen Clapp And His Orchestra, which included his wife, bass player Jill Pries, as well as old high school friends, guitarist Larry Winther and drummer Maz Kattuah (the latter of two were members of the masked cult garage outfit the Mummies). Kattuah was eventually replaced with Bob Vickers, as the band changed their name to the Orange Peels, and issued a pair of well-received releases, 1997’s Square and 2001’s So Far. Clapp eventually rejuvenated his dormant solo career, releasing Available Light in 2002.

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