Allan Taylor - Brighton Beach Guitar Chords

Chords: G, Em, F#, C, D, A
Done in standard tuning for ease of playing. The original is in Drop C tuning I 
think. Listen to the song for picking patterns.

Brighton Beach

All G to Em use F# run down

(G) Young girl  (Em)   so pretty 
(C) young boy not a (D) hair on his face
(G) There looking out at the (Em) big wide world 
(C) this was their time   this (D) was their place
(C)  he said, one day I will (D) make you mine
(G) we'll be together till the (Em) end of time
(C) Brighton beach in (D) 1959

(G) young woman (Em) flowers in her hair 
(C) young man plays a (D) mean guitar
(G) So cosmic but (Em) this is the 60s
(C) everything is far out  (D)  way too far
(C) Revolution is in the (D) air 
(G) but everyone is stoned and (Em) they don't care
(C) Cos it's New York in (D) 1969

(C) Everybody (D) changes
as (G) time goes by (Em) 
but (C) we can (A) make it if we (D) try

(G) Another city  (Em)  bright lights
(C) a winning streak your (D) hitting the heights
(G) Another face you (Em) wanna get to know
(C) everybody said it's the (D) way to go
(C) Maybe you came on just a (D) little too strong
(G) maybe you played too hard and (Em) it all went wrong
(C) But it was London town in (D) 1979

(G) Change partners   (Em)  change of scene 
(C) kids get stuck somewhere (D) in between
(G) No problem we can (Em) work it out 
(C) but things get broken and (D) people shout
(C) She feels guilty thinking she (D) should have stayed 
(G) and he gets scared cos the (Em) bills aint paid 
(C) It was somewhere in suburbia (D) 1989

(C) Everybody (D) changes
as (G) time goes by (Em) 
but (C) we can (A) make it if we (D) try

(G) Take it easy (Em) take it slow
(C) there's not much more you (D) need to know
(G) Looking back on the (Em) times you had
(C) hang on to the good (D) forget the bad
(C) Take one last look down (D) memory lane
(G) it's good to be starting (Em) over again
(C) On Brighton beach in (D) 1999

G to Em

(C) Brighton beach in (D) 1999

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