All Together Separate - Show Your Glory Guitar Chords

Chords: Dm7, C/D, F, C, Bb/D, Bb, G, A
Dm7 // / C/D Dm7 (4 X's)  F       C             Bb/D   C

Dm7 // / C/D Dm7
We Your church we
F       C             Bb/D   C
Dare to stand in this dark land
Dm7 // / C/D Dm7
To show forth your praises
F       C             Bb/D   C
In our land and every nation

Dm7 // / C/D Dm7
As Your people we
F       C             Bb/D   C
Have Your power alive in us
Dm7 // / C/D Dm7     F         C    
Inhabit, indwell our praise to You
And as we do-

F         Bb    Dm7       C      
Show Your Glory  thru our praises
F         Bb           Dm7       C  (E // SINGLE NOTES) F
Show Your Holiness, Oh God as we sing
F         Bb      G        C
Show Your beauty, and Your majesty 
A     Dm7     Bb     F             Bb  C
As we worship You oh God Show Your Glory

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