All Together Separate - My Soul Finds Rest Guitar Chords

Chords: Dmaj7, E, D, Esus4

Dmaj7         C#m7b6            E-C#m7b6  E
My soul finds rest in you alone
My soul finds rest in you alone


Dmaj7                 C#m7b6
When the world is raging
Dmaj7                  C#m7b6
and loneliness is flooding in oh Lord
D             C#m7b6                Esus4
you’re my shelter from the storm

Dmaj7                C#m7b6 
Nothing else can satisfy
Dmaj7               C#m7b6 
the loneliness inside my heart oh Lord
D            C#m7b6         Esus4 E
you’re salvation for my soul



Enjoy :)

Chorus-(x2 - 2nd time end on Dmaj7)

(Dmaj7)   C#m7b6  E
Dmaj7     C#m7b6  E

Solo Choruses-

Chorus-(x4 - substitute peace, joy, & hope for rest)

Chorus-(couple more times then out)

Dmaj7- x5767x
C#m7b6- x4745x
Esus4- 02220x
D- x5777x
E- 02210x

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