All Time Low - Canals Guitar Chords

All Time Low

pop punk, post-teen pop

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: Bm, Em, Am, A, D, E, F#, G, C
[Verse 1]
Bm        Em      
   I Am A critic
D            A                  Bm
   Of my own critical need to define myself
     Em                   D
With wine, and words, and lovers,
And friends who don't understand
Bm                  E
   So there, I just said it
D                 A
  You know that admitting the problem
       Bm                   Em
Is the first step towards repair
"We all recover"
        F#                           Bm
Say the friends turned to wine-drunk lovers

G                  D              F#
Smile, tell me I'm alright with a goodbye
You are so misleading
G             D                        A
  A kiss or a gun fight - high-noon or midnight

         D               G
Darling, I don't want to know
              D                F#
If I'm just a short sight on a cold night
The canals are freezing
G                D              A
  So tell me I'm alright with a goodbye

[Little interlude thing]
Bn, Em, D, A

[Verse Two]
Bm        Em
   Am I A villain
D             A
  Cast among heroes
                  Bm             Em          D
With all of their underwhelming, overbearing struggles
To become what they'll never be?
Bm                E
   Friends to the wicked
D            A                     Bm
  Caution is calling, but nobody's home,
               Em               D
The lights are off, the party's over,
Now you're stuck plucking three leaf clovers


Em               G
  You've got the high ground
D               A
  And I'm on my best defence
   Em             G
But I dare you to come down,
D                  A
  I'll give you an eye for an eye,
      C            G
If it makes things easy

Bm, D, F#

G              D              A
Smile, tell me alright with a goodbye...

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