All Time Low - Break Out Break Out Guitar Chords

All Time Low

pop punk, post-teen pop

Chords: G#m, E, B, F#
Break Out! Break Out! 
Artist:  All Time Low

Key:  B  (5 sharps)
Note:  Tune 3rd string one half step down to get a very similar rhythm sound only 
fretting the 6-5-4 strings using all the others as drones----trying not to play 
the open high E string 
unless while in the E chord (the extra A# to B hammered note is done on a different track) 
Intro:    G#m     E      B    F#

G#m                                  E
      Luck loves me not tonight, I'm running out
G#m                                   E
      This four leaf clover's all but useless now.
    B                      F#            G#m             
      I've got four wheels that say I'm not alone tonight,
I'm   always looking for a joy ride through the,
E                      F#
brightest part of this town.


B                                 F#         
   Break out, break out, as we escape through the windows,

E                                          F#                                     
head for the car, and never look back, singing-singing,
B                          F#
   Break out,        break out,
                      E                               F#                    
Our time has come and   we've got these big city dre-e-eams

verse/chorus--full repeat of 1ST 


G#m-E-B                         G#m-E-B-F#
        Lets take a moment to reflect      on the past few years 
      G#m-E-B                              G#m-E-E                             
of my life,   I haven't worked myself away,        to stay inside.
F#                  E
This is the time to let us...       

 Break Out Break Out

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