All the Apparatus - Shipwrecked Guitar Chords

Chords: C, Am, F, G
I heard these guys walking by Portland's downtown and got their cd, listened to this 
song, then looked it up and realized that nobody has uploaded a tab, so here it is :)

Chords: C Am F G

Intro: C, Am

A starry night, the moon reflects
On the flotsam and jetsam from the deck
         C                                Am
Of our sinking ship, this lovely Tuesday evening

F            G
We're going down, it's true
     C                     Am
But I fell in love with a girl like you
    F                       G             C
On a pleasure cruise to the bottom of the sea

Smoke still billows from the stacks
As the bell rings out for the panic attack
        C                                Am
And the captain screams all hands to the life boats
We'll save the women & children first-
Then the passenger with the fattest purse,
  C                                Am
last of all, the young man and the crew

F           G
It seems to me we're doomed
   C                    Am
at least I'm here at the end with you
F                G               C      Am
May I kiss your lips so cold and blue?
F                   G
Lips once warm but now so cold and blue
F               G
Cheer up, don't look so sad.
C                Am
Maybe drowning's not so bad.
F             G            C       Am
Can you tread water for a week or two?
F            G              C   Am
Tread water for a week or two

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