All Sons & Daughters - Creation Sings Guitar Chords

All Sons & Daughters

anthem worship, ccm, christian music, christian uplift

Chords: C, Em7, Am, C/G, G, F, C/E
   C               Em7
In You we live, in You we move
   Am              C/G  G
In You we have our be - ing
   C             Em7
In ev'ry nation, all the earth
     Am              C/G    G
This song of ours is ris - ing

   F  Am G    C/E  F  Am
Creation, all cre - ation
      C/E  F   Am   G
Sings Your glory
           F   G  C
Sings Your glory, God

Am           F  C    Am       F   C   C/E
Glory to the Father, glory to the Son
F            Am          G             C
Glory to the Spirit, who was and is to come [Repeat]

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