All Our Exes Live in Texas - Candle Guitar Chords

Chords: Am, E, F, C, A, Em, Dm, Dm7, Am7, D7
Candle – All Our Exes Live in Texas

[Capo 3]

[Intro] – with hammer on 4th string and then 3rd string (Am shape)

Am     Am      Am      Am

[Verse 1]
Am                              E
Mother said you'd wind up here, written into song
   Am                             F           C                  E
I have to say I'm sorry, for it's taken me so long to write about you
     Am                               E
And maybe breaking your sweetheart is what I had to do
Am                              F               C             E    E
But don't worry, baby, for I've broken my heart too in losing you

       A                              Em
'Cause though I see our candles going out (Ah ah-ah, ah, ah...)
A                            Dm
I have to say, I've got my doubts (Ooh oo-ooh, ooh-ooh...)
A                         Dm
Things have been going so well (Ah ah-ah, ah-ah...)
A                                Dm            Dm7          E     E
It seems a shame to walk through hell together just to say goodbye

[Post Chorus] – with hammer ons
Am      Am

[Verse 2]
Am                                 E
We both know I'll stay resolved in what I have to do
Am                           F               C             E
Even if it's just because my mother told me to - she never got you
    Am                         E
And yes, I see the irony, it's all becoming clear
    Am                         F                 C              E
But finally, I write for you a song you'll never hear, isn't it funny?


          F                C
And I'll see you one more time (One more time)
F                   C
Just to make things right
          F                   C              Am7         D7   D7  E  E
Yes, I'll love you one more time through the dark of the night

[Chorus and Post Chorus]

For Big Mig

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