All Good Things Guitar Chords

All Good Things


"All Good Things were happy supplying dramatic soundtracks for video games and TV shows... until a growing army of fans tracked them down"
-Classic Rock Magazine-

With its humble beginnings in the dark safety of the recording studio, creating epic theatrical rock for games, movies and trailers under the banner of “BATTLE ROCK”, the band ALL GOOD THINGS was born.

Touring musicians, producers, songwriters, artists and friends- this group of seasoned music industry players began the project for the simple pleasure of making music together, but stumbled upon a sound and an energy that quickly went viral.

AGT music has been featured in TV, film, gaming, live sporting events and advertising all over the world growing a legion of fans throughout Europe, Asia and The Americas.

With vocals from Dan Murphy (The Goodnight, Aftershow, Shaun White), Joe Pringle (Neon Hymns, Cruickshank, Tiesto), Phil X (Bon Jovi, Rob Zombie), Liz Hooper (Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears) and Adam Longland (The Matrix), All Good Things marries gritty and driven lyrics with an emotional rollercoaster of music from Andrew Bojanic (Liz Phair, Jason Mraz) and Phil X on guitars, Liz Hooper on bass, and drummers Randy Cooke (Ringo Starr, Ian Gillan, Five for Fighting) and Tim Spier (Kyle Gas Band, Say No More)

Big hooks, heart palpitating tracks and lyrics drive you to “Get up”, “Fight’ and “Never Surrender”. All Good Things have inspired a grass roots, super loyal fan base that continues to grow daily.

Guitar Chords:

Fight (ver. 2)
Never Surrender