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Roses bloom 2 weeks out of the year. The rest of the time is spent growing and waiting until it unfolds and emerges, completely itself. For All Get Out, the time to bloom is here. After success with The Season (2011) and Nobody Likes a Quitter (2015), they are considered one of the most unsung bands of the decade. Both records were packed with memorable melodies, surprising shifts in mood, and musical pyrotechnics. On No Bouquet, their Equal Vision debut, AGO has come into full bloom.

Things begin slowly with “Rose,” which describes a band that’s toiled in obscurity. “I see why I’d be easy to replace,” Nathan Hussey sings, “you’re no bouquet, you’re just a rose.” The song starts gentle, flecked with bits of Nashville Americana from guitarist Kyle Samuel. Soon after, everything explodes. Gigantic detuned chords crash down. The fuse has gone off.

No Bouquet’s subtle Americana influences bear out in Nathan’s slight drawl and Kyle’s hints of lap steel, baritone guitar, and slide. These elements along with AGO’s mature emo makes for an album that hits all the right notes. And with the production of Mike Watts, the band sounds better than ever.

The songs on No Bouquet are AGO’s best yet, unfolding more with each listen. Still, the band stays humble. As Nathan sings, they’re no bouquet--just a single rose. But a rose coming into full bloom. In the wild, it only happens 14 days a year. On No Bouquet, All Get Out make roses bloom on command.
Genres: alternative emo, anthem emo, dreamo, emo, progressive post-hardcore

Guitar Chords:

Bring It Home
Burn Hot The Records
Coach Connor
Ground Me
Let Me Go
Lucky Bastard
My Friends
The Reason Youre Still Alive
The Season
Wasting All My Breath