All-4-One - Someone Who Lives In Your Heart Guitar Chords


boy band, new jack swing, r&b, urban contemporary

Chords: C, Dm, Em, F, G, E, Am, D, Am7, F#
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Someone Who Lives In Your Heart
by All 4 One


C-Dm-Em-F (2x)

 C              Dm                   Em
Last night, I dreamt that you were beside me
         F          C
It seemed so real that I cried
              Dm               Em
When you touched me, you're my angel
            F        G
And you've given me wings
And I'll fly away with you
Wherever you go
'Cause you've filled my heart
And you've captured my soul
     F              G
And baby I want you to know


           C                            G
If there's one thing in this world that I know it's true
          Am                            Em
It's the love that I'm feeling when I'm thinking of you
F                         C        Am
No ocean, no mountain can keep us apart
Dm                          G                         C
'Cause no one can take away someone who lives in your heart
C                        G  
All of our hopes and our dreams are alive
Am                     Em
I'll carry you true to distance and time
F                         C        Am
Nothing in this world can keep us apart
Dm                   G                         C
No one can take away someone who lives in your heart

    C                 Dm                Em
And I know there's a millon stars between us
          F                C        Dm
But that won't stop my longing to hold you
        Em              F   G
And to kiss you, how I love you
          Am                   Am+M7
And I'll find my way to you, wherever you are
          Am7                  D
You're in my soul, baby you've got my heart
       F                G
And your love will carry me home

(Repeat Chorus)


F           E                    Am
Here in my arms is where you should be
'Cause your loving makes me believe
       F               C
That nothing and no one could tear us apart
       F                 F#
'Cause baby you're in my heart

(Repeat Chorus moving chords one fret higher)

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