Alkaline Trio - Another Innocent Girl Guitar Chords

Alkaline Trio

chicago punk, emo, melodic hardcore, modern rock

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: A, E, D, F#, E2, B, C#
Alkaline Trio- Another Innocent Girl
From Here to Infirmary
Tabbed by: Ryan,
This version sounds great on acoustic.  This version is not how the song is played on the album.

Chords Used:
A: 5776XX
E: 076XXX
D: X577XX
F#: 244XXX
E2: 022XXX
B: X244XX
C#: X466XX


A, E, D


F#, E2, B, C#, D, F#, E2, D


A, D


E2, D, E2, D, C#, B, A

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