Alive in Wild Paint - A Vespertine Haunting Guitar Chords

Chords: Dm, F, C
OKAY, so pleeeease be nice, this is the first I've ever submitted anything.
I've only been playing guitar (acoustic) for a few months so I am by no means a good player. 
I basically just enjoy playing chords so that I can 
sing to the music, thats it. SO, I had trouble playing the tab and singing
 at the same time, so I found chords that sound okay with it, if you just 
want something easy to play. Im really not even sure if these chords are 
even close to correct, but they sound good with my voice so they may work for you too:

Standard Tuning.

(You can figure out the strumming pattern by listening to the song. 
Its very simple.)

Intro: Dm - F - C (x2)

I never meant to leave you dear
       F         C             Dm
I just thought I would arrive
But it seems here
    F         C        Dm
I'm never quite alive
Where you are
    F           C              Dm
The room won't fill with light
                    F         C
But an absence that makes its way into mine

I'll share your ghost tonight
I'll share your ghost tonight

*for the chorus

Its the same pattern the rest of the song. 
This way is easy, and fun. Enjoy!

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