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Alison's Halo


The so-called Beautiful Noise scene that sprouted up in Arizona in the early '90s produced a small core of bands that played ethereal, guitar-heavy space rock. Based in the greater Phoenix area, Beautiful Noise founders Alison's Halo used their love of British groups like My Bloody Valentine, Ride, the Verve, and Slowdive as inspiration to create their own brand of noisy space pop. Alison's Halo were formed in Tempe, Arizona in late 1992 by Catherine Cooper (vocals, guitar), Adam Cooper (guitar), and Lynn Anderson (bass, vocals), accompanied by a drum machine they called Alison. Shortly after forming, the band began playing national shows with the Verve, Boo Radleys, Medicine, and other like-minded outfits. In 1995, the Dozen single was released on Independent Project Records. With positive buzz surrounding the single, the band left Arizona to tour the West Coast. Festivals and industry showcases followed as Alison's Halo further honed their skills. Eyedazzler 1992-1996 was released on Michigan's Burnt Hair record label in 1998; the album serves as a time line of Alison's Halo's recorded output, displaying the evolution of their songwriting style. ~ Dale Nicholls, Rovi
Genres: shoegaze

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