Alison Krauss - Youre Just A Country Boy Guitar Chords

Alison Krauss

bluegrass, folk, lilith, progressive bluegrass

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: A, D, E, F#m, E7
You're Just A Country Boy

Capo 2

 Aint gonna marry in the fall
D                         A  
Aint gonna marry in the spring
For you're in love
         A           F#m
With a pretty little girl
     D               E   E7 A
Who wears a diamond ring

                D      A
You're just a country boy
Money have you none
But you've got silver
A       F#m  D
In the stars
 E                   A  D
Gold in the morning sun
 E                   A 
Gold in the morning sun

  A            D                E
Never gonna kiss the ruby red lips
D          E              A
Of the prettiest girl in town
  D          E               A      F#m
Never gonna ask her if she'll marry you
       D             E   E7  A   
She'd only turn you down

Repeat Chorus

  A              D                E   D
Never could aford a store bought ring
 D         E               A   D
With a sparkling diamond stone
 D              E        A       F#m
All you could aford is a loving heart
     D            E   E7   A
The only one you own

Repeat Chorus

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