Alison Krauss - Wild Bill Jones Guitar Chords

Alison Krauss

bluegrass, folk, lilith, progressive bluegrass

Chords: A, E
Simple to play. Here we go...

A  E  A  E  A

As I went out for to take a little walk
                 E         A
I came upon that Wild Bill Jones

He was walkin' and a-talkin' by my true lover's side
                 E         A
And I bid him to leave her alone

[Banjo solo]
A  E  A  E  A

He said, "My age is twenty-one,
      E           A     
Too old to be controlled."

I pulled my revolver from my side
                     E          A
And I destroyed that poor boy's soul

[Dobro solo]
A  E  A  E  A

He reeled and he staggered then he fell to the ground
                 E         A
And then he gave one dyin' moan

Well, he wrapped his arms around my little girl's neck
                       E       A
Said "Honey, won't you take me home."

[Guitar solo]
A  E  A  E  A

So put them handcuffs on me boys
                    E           A
And lead me to that freight car gate

I have no friends or relations there
              E     A
No one for to go my bail

[Fiddle solo]
A  E  A  E  A

So pass around that ol' longneck bottle
            E         A
And we'll all go on a spree

Today saw the last of Wild Bill Jones
                       E       A
And tomorrow'll be the last of me

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