Alison Krauss - Paper Airplane Guitar Chords

Alison Krauss

bluegrass, folk, lilith, progressive bluegrass

Chords: C#m, B, A, Ab7, F#m, E
Paper Airplane
by Alison Krauss & Union Station

Capo on 2nd fret.
Drop D tuning (DADGBE)
Tune is picked, not strummed (x = don't play)

C#m  =  x-2-4-4-3-x-------|
B'   =  x-2-0-0-3-x-------|
B''  =  x-0-2-2-2-x-------|
B''' =  7-x-7-6-5-x-------| (easier to move to Ab7 on 8th fret if you use this)
A    =  5-x-0-0-3-x-------|
A'   =  5-x-5-4-3-x-------|
Ab7  =  x-1-2-3-2-x or 8-x-8-6-7-x-|
F#m  =  2-x-2-0-0-x-------|

During intro, F#m-C#m-B progression has hammer ons and offs. I'm no expert at tab but 
here's an approximation of what's being played (capo-less tuning shown):


It's my first attempt, I hope you like it!

C#m               B'       B''                   A
I've put it all behind me, nothing left to do or doubt
F#m  C#m  B''
Some may say
C#m              B'     B''                    A
But every silver lining always seems to have a cloud
F#m   C#m     B''
That comes my way
C#m         B'      B''            A
Anticipated pleasure or unexpected pain
F#m C#m      B''
No  choice I feel
C#m             B'      B''            A
Love is hard to measure, hidden in the rain
F#m    C#m      B'
That's why you'll find me

E        C#m             F#m
Here all alone and still wondering why
A                     B'
Waitin inside for the cold to get colder
E                   C#m             F#m
And here where it's clear that I've wasted my time
A'                 B'''        Ab7  C#m
Hopin to fly cause it's almost over now

* mandolin solo *
* guitar solo *
[chord sequence as per verse (twice through) except resolves to E at end before going 
back to the first C#m of next verse]

C#m         B'        B''                 A
People come together, people go their own way
F#m  C#m      B'
Love conquers few
C#m         B'       B''                     A
And I'll do whatever I'll say what I need to say
F#m  C#m     B'
Just not for you

E        C#m           F#m
How many days should I smile with a frown?
     A                          B'
'Cos you're not around with the sun on your shoulders
E            C#m           F#m
And how many nights must I wake up alone
    A                    B'''        Ab7  C#m
And know in my soul that it's almost over now?

*slide guitar solo*
[chord sequence as per verse (once through) except resolves to E at end before going 
back to the first C#m of next verse]

[more gentle, preparing for pause on second line]

C#m                  B'
Love is like a paper airplane
B''                 A
Flyin in the folded dent [pause]
F#m   C#m         B''
Ridin high dippin low
C#m              B'
But innocence is fair game
B''             Ab7     C#m
I'm hopin I can hold it in
F#m           C#m   B    ...E...
Our love will die I know

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