Alison Krauss - Maybe Guitar Chords

Alison Krauss

bluegrass, folk, lilith, progressive bluegrass

Chords: Dm, Dm/C, Bb, Am, C, F, FM, F7, Eb, Bbm, C#
Alison Krauss-Maybe                     

Dm xx0231     Dm/C x30231
Bb 113331     Am   002210
C  332010     F    133211
FM 132211     F7   131211
Eb x65343     Bbm  113321
C# x43121

Capo 1st position

Intro: Dm Dm/C Bb Am Dm Am C

Yesterday the odds were stacked  
   Dm/C             Bb
in favor of my expectations
Am               Dm
Flyin’ above the rest 
      Am               C
never fallin’ from the nest
Tuesday came and went and now 
    Dm/C            Bb
I’m in a little situation
Am                 Dm
Maybe it’s for the best 
      Am            C
I can live alone, I guess

            F     FM   F7
Maybe I can stand a____lone
          Eb     Bb   Bbm    C#
Maybe I’m strong as   sto_____ne
                F    FM   F7
Even though the bird has  flown
            Eb   Bb   Bbm   C#
Maybe he’ll fly  on   ho_____me

Forgive me if I’m keeping you 
 Dm/C                   Bb
apart from better conversation
Am                Dm                     
Hung up on all my doubt, 
          Am                   C
trying to sort the whole thing out
Tell me that I’m smart enough 
   Dm/C                   Bb
to deal with all the information
Am                 Dm         
Spinning inside my head 
      Am           C          
every word he ever said


Instrumental break: same as verse [stop]


Outro:  Dm  Dm/C  Bb

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