Alison Krauss - Lay My Burden Down Guitar Chords

Alison Krauss

bluegrass, folk, lilith, progressive bluegrass

Chords: A, G, D, Bsus2, Bm, C, Asus4, Asus2, Am, F, A#, Em
[Verse 1]
      A      G      D
Gonna lay my burden down
       A    G      D
Lay my body in the ground
Bsus2  Bm     C
 Cold  clay against my skin
    G               D
But I don't care at all
              A       G        D
Can't seem to find my piece of mind
            A          G     D
So with the earth I'll lay entwined
Bsus2  Bm   C
Six    feet underground
   G                 D
My feet are warm and dry

[Chorus 1]
     Asus4        A
When I get to the other side
     Asus2            A
I'll put your picture way up high
    Asus4          A
But I'm not coming back to you
     Asus2    Am   A  D
It's just too far

[Verse 2]
         A        G      D
If I was cast off on the sea
          A        G       D
Would you come and look for me
   Bsus2  Bm       C
Or would  you just let me sink
   G                 D
Beneath the waves so blue
        A     G          D
What if I had learned to fly
        A          G        D
Fly all night till day drew nigh
Bsus2  Bm      C
Touch  down upon a branch and
G                  D
Scan the crowd for you

[Chorus 2]
       Asus4         A
When I touch my feet on the land
     Asus2              A
I'll kiss your lips and take your hand
    Asus4            A
But you know I'm not here to stay
     Asus2    Am
It's just too far

A                 G
Darling can't you hear me cry
   F                   Am
My bones are broke, my tongue is tied
    C               G
The moon is swaying back and forth
 A#               A         Em
Against the navy sky is all I can see
   F                 Am
My body is trembling on my knees
     C             G
Just have a little mercy on me
A#          A     D
Run away and hide

[Verse 3]
       A         G      D
When I sleep the angels sing
       A     G      D
But I cannot hear a thing
Bsus2 Bm    C
Eyes  close dreaming of the
G                D
Better days gone by
       A        G        D
When I wake the trumpets play
        A        G      D
And I'm standing at the gates
Bsus2 Bm       C
Fall  down and joy
  G                          D
I know my race has just been won

     Asus4          A
When I was young my momma would say
     Asus2             A
Well life is hard, but that's OK
   Asus4           A
If you can make it through the day
     Asus4    Am
It's not that far
No, it's not that far

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