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Known early for his acting on stage, on the small screen and later on the silver screen, the youngest of the Schneider family – his father from the theatre, his mother a businesswoman and model, his siblings artists – spent most of his time dreaming of being a songwriter. It was the fascinating Jean Leloup, met accidentally in a café, who first gave him the nerve to be one. Aliocha gave form to the outlines of a first recording with Leloup and his band “Last Assassins”– eight cuts that also earned him his first record label, Audiogram.

Aliocha’s Eleven Songs is made of timeless folk and a peculiar magnetism, somewhere between the nonchalant sensitivity of the sixties and the gentle angst of modern times; of both yesterday’s and today’s pop, beautifully imperfect, framed with the word images of youthful twenties, naive and carried away. On his eleven tracks, we come successively across electrified ballads, rebel choruses, psychedelic melodies and raw and sober songs. An absorbing musical world where a voice of rare sincerity arises and unfolds among subtle and tight arrangements of strings and electronics, revealing cutting edge production of undeniable eloquence.

Genres: canadian folk, indie quebecois

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