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Norwegian pop singer and songwriter Alida made her debut with a progressive electronic pop sound in 2012. Her first single «Feathers» made a significant mark on Norwegian radio and she has followed that up with a string of strong singles since then. She has established herself as a go to writer for publishers and labels, and after a short break focusing on writing for other artists, she returned to the scene in 2017 with her single «Cool with it».

Alida grew up on a hill, outside Stavanger on the west coast of Norway, with big dreams of performing and writing songs for a living. At the age of nine she began singing into a tape recorder and listening to herself for fun.

- I would spend hours everyday alone in my room just imitating artists I liked and singing some of the things I made.

It wasn't until she was eleven that anyone heard her potential. After performing at a school talent show she received acclaim from her fellow students and teachers inspiring her to go on to a music high school. She has been writing, singing and playing piano ever since. <br>

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