AlicebanD - Wait For Me Guitar Chords



Chords: G, B, Em, Am, D
           G               B        Em
And then I walked away too bad this never changes

Am                   D
Anything goes in the house with no windows

             G                  B             Em
And when the lights go dark not off they just lose their spark

        Am                            D
And the rain beats down that’s when I hide this frown

          G                          B   Em  
Of upside down and overwhelming I cry oh I cry

    Am            D                G [hold x2]
For you who never looks at me that way

             G                    B              Em           Am                     D
And then the lights come back too bad cause I’ve never seen a dark like that and I’m fragile condescending
          G               B        Em
watch the sea come in and out oh it never changes

Am                                D
and never break a rule unless its mending

               G        B           Em       Am               D               G [hold x2]
oh I watch you cry, you cry, oh you cry, for her who let your trust just slip away
G                   B       Em            Am                         D            
wait for me it might be awhile but I love you if you understand that everything I do

         G                        B
I do for you and every word I sing, I sing for you

Em             Am                    D
yeah wait for me for soon I will be with you

             G                  B
yeah and the birds will die yeah they all will die

Em                  Am                    D                          G   B Em Am D G [End on G]
and we will die and then we’ll be together we’ll be together when we die 

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