Alice in Chains - Shame In You Guitar Chords

Alice in Chains

alternative metal, alternative rock, grunge, hard rock

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: D, C#m, C, A, F#, F, G
Tunedown 1/2 step

D  C#m  C  A

        D              C#m               C         A
When I waken, and I'm achin', time for sleepin', yeah
          D             C#m               C         A
When I'm sayin' time to go and, I've been hurtin', yeah
          D               F#              C         A
When I'm layin, I'm still tryin', concentrating on dyin', yeah

D    F#   F    A    A

       D                         F#
You're right as rain, but you're all to blame
     F                 A
Agreed my crime's the same
     D                       F# 
My sins I'll claim, give you back she'd pain
    F                    A
Go find a place for own shame
     D                      F#
So you can deal with this thing unreal
     F                     A
No one made you feel any hurt, yeah

        D          C#m             C        A
Body's movin, only provin, no one needs to move
        D             C#m                C        A
Still believin, yet mistaken, all God's children, yeah
        D              F#             C        A       
And I must say, I was stupid, selfishly she consumed, yeah

D   F#    F   A   A

      D                      F#
And you must change patterns all we trained
    F                    A
Or n'er regain peace you seek
     D                    F#
Now you hear me, for the things I see
      F                  A
Yeah, I believe in inner peace, yeah

D           F       G      D
Throw out, blow up, hold in
D           F         G          A
Show fine, no signs, grow blind

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