Alice in Chains - Scalpel Guitar Chords

Alice in Chains

alternative metal, alternative rock, grunge, hard rock

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: A, E, D, F
Alice in Chains - Scalpel

A    E        D       A
Road narrows, pouring down

A   E          D      A
I'm breakin without a sound

A        E         D   A
Bits and pieces of tryin

A            E        D   A
Get what you pay for, nothin

A      E          D     A
Frozen dreamin of yesterday

A      E           D   A
Potent creepin I'm far away

A       E          D   A
From my hometown I lit out

A          E        D         A
To save my skin and shed some doubt

(Pre Chorus)
F          D
I know how false the floor  

F            D
How high the sky

F              D
Been down that road before

(Chourus) x2
       A F      D               A
It's a lie, you hide in someone else

       A F    D                A
Like a shinin scalpel, cut yourself

A       E         D       A
Hard as truth is been my friend

A     E          D       A
Don't need to be invited in

A       E          D    A
I'll go round 'til bested

A         E        D    A
Pick up myself and try again

(Pre Chorus)
(Chorus) x2

(Bridge) x2
All comes in time

      D     A         A    E
Don't fight it, don't mind it

Whatever may come

(Pre Chorus)
(Chorus) x2

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