Alice in Chains - Right Turn Guitar Chords

Alice in Chains

alternative metal, alternative rock, grunge, hard rock

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: G, E, E7, F, D, A
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              RIGHT TURN   ----    ALICE IN CHAINS
        transcribed by D.Cohen
       this track is taken from the mini-album "SAP" , its written
       by Jerry Cantrell (the mighty), and is a very special song
       cuz they involve two more artists in the song, Chris Cornell
       of Soundgarden and Mark Arm of mUdhONey, now, i've transcribed
       a mudhoney song so they'll open a mudhoney directroy, PLEASE
       transcribe more mudhoney songs, PLeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeZZZ!

 * Intro:  G . . .     E . . .  E7 . . .

 * Intro lyrics:

      G                              E       E7 
   Inside, always trying to get back inside,

   G                                        E     E7 
   But its so hard to penentrate big thick skin. 

 * Verse:

       F                 E    E7 
   About as low as i can get,
        F                 E    E7 
   I'd leave but i cant forget,
      F            E / G 
   Still i wonder why... 

 * Chorus:

   It aint right,
       D / A 
   it aint right,
    G / E   E7  
   not right,
       D / A 
   it aint right. 

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