Alice Cooper - Ten Minutes Before The Worm Guitar Chords

Alice Cooper

album rock, classic rock, comic, glam metal

Chords: E, Bb, D, Am, Esus4, C, F, G, B, Em, C#
From the Alice Cooper album 
Pretties for You(1969)
Straight Records
Titanic Overture is a Bb drone 
with melody)

Opening chord: E(add Bb)

E   D  E 
Let me be
               Am  D   Esus4 E     
What a way for one too reeaalliize
E     Bb    C F      G    Bb   F
Gotta waste a bore, now I see
F   E     D        C       B 
How he is so happy feeling sad
Heavily depressed


[Repeat opening chord - E(add Bb)]

E    D E 
God, I knew
Am           D     Am 
Think I will enjoy the view
Am D   Am    D  Am  D
Oy the view, oy the view

Am            C#
Everything is standing still, ill, ill

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