Alice Cooper - Die For You Guitar Chords

Alice Cooper

album rock, classic rock, comic, glam metal

Chords: D, D/C#, Bm, A, G, C#, Bb, C, F, Eb
                             Die For You  - Alice Cooper 

Tabbed by: Mick 2008 worked out by ear from the CD

Tempo  Q=100

  D     D/C#       Bm    A          Bm    A            A    G  (Strum chords 2nd time)
  Gtr I
  E E E Q  E E E   E E E Q  E E E   E E E Q  E S S E   Q  E H +E

G           D        A         Bm 
  A hundred numbers  on my     wall
  Some with names I  sometimes call
  I drop a  coin and watch it  fall
Tryin' to get connected to you

G             D             A       Bm
  A thousand  hours         all    alone
  My softest  pillow turns  hard as stone
  This is the longest night on my   own
Lying here thinking of you

Bm                              A 
  Sometimes I shake my head and laugh to myself
  I'd like to start again with  somebody else
Bm                         C#
  I'm like a broken toy forgotten on the shelf

      D                 C#
Baby, I could have been someone
Bm                  A
  I could have been something
Bm                   A          A       G
  It would have been nothing to die for you
D                        C#
   Baby, you're going to need me
Bm                A
   You'd better believe me
Bm                   A       A       G
  It would have been easy to die for you

G          D     A    Bm x2

G           D          A        Bm 
  A million memories   flood my brain
  Drown my  sorrow     Kill my  pain
  Whets my  thirst for you     again
Just another night to get thru

Bm                            A
  All my neighbors scream for quiet at my door
  Shattered glass and torn up photos on the floor
Bm                                   C#
  Well, I couldn't stand to see your pictures anymore


Bb                                   C
   These cuts are deep but you plead innocent
   Are you hell or are you           heaven-sent
   You're much to cold to know how   much You meant 
   D    C#      Bm      A  
to me,    yeah

Bb      F       C       D x3

Eb      F

G                                   A

G                                   A
   A billion tear drops             fallen from my eyes
   But it's just a joke now and I'm laughing at your lies
   You make me hard as rock and     now I realize


Mick 2008 

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