Alexz Johnson Guitar Chords

Alexz Johnson


Alexz Johnson is an independent Canadian singer/songwriter and Gemini-Award winning actress based both in NYC and Toronto, Canada. Lending her soulful sound and passionate songwriting style to both TV and film has helped Alexz garner a massive and loyal international fan following. Her latest album “A Stranger Time” captures a nuanced, live off the floor timelessness produced by Grammy-winner Mark Howard (Bob Dylan, Marianne Faithfull, Lucinda Williams) which is available now on all platforms. Alexz continues to work independently in both music and film, holding true to her sound and vision as an artist. <br>
Genres: post-teen pop

Guitar Chords:

24 Hours
2 Am
2 Am (ver. 2)
2 Am (ver. 3)
2 Am (ver. 4)
A Little Bit
A Little Bit (ver. 2)
All In Disguise
American Dreamer
Another Thin Line
Anyone But You
As The Music Plays
As The Music Plays (ver. 2)
At Your Door
A War Going On
Back Of The Room
Breathing In Your Smoke
Cause Your Watching Over Me
Come To My Senses
Darkness Round The Sun
Deeper (ver. 2)
Dont Pull Off My Wings
Dont Pull Off My Wings (ver. 2)
Dont Stop
Dont You Dare
Dont You Dare (ver. 2)
Dont You Dare (ver. 3)
Frozen (ver. 2)
Give Me Fire
Gonna Get It
Gonna Get It (ver. 2)
Guilt Train
Heart Like That
Heart Turns Black
Here We Go Again
Here We Go Again (ver. 2)
Here We Go Again (ver. 3)
Higher Ground
How I Feel
How Strong Do You Think I Am
How Strong Do You Think I Am (ver. 2)
Hunger Pains
Hurricane Girl
I Cant Hold Back
I Dont Know If I Should Stay
I Dont Know If I Should Stay (ver. 2)
I Dont Know If I Should Stay (ver. 3)
I Fell
I Just Wanted Your Love
I Just Wanted Your Love (ver. 2)
Im In Love With My Guitar
Im In Love With My Guitar (ver. 2)
I Still Love You
I Still Love You (ver. 2)
I Still Love You (ver. 3)
I Swear I Was Never In Love
It Could Be You
It Could Be You (ver. 2)
I Will Fall In Love
I Will Love
James Dean
Just Around The Bend
Just The Beginning
Just The Beginning (ver. 2)
Just The Beginning (ver. 3)
La Made Me
Let Em Eat Cake
Let Me Fall
Liar Liar
Liar Liar (ver. 2)
Live Like Music
Live Like Music (ver. 2)
Look At Those Eyes
Look At Those Eyes (ver. 2)
Love To Burn
Mary (ver. 2)
Matty Jae
Me Out Of Me
Me Out Of Me (ver. 2)
Natural Disaster
Natural Disaster (ver. 2)
Natural Disaster (ver. 3)
Nothin On Me
Perfect (ver. 2)
Perfect (ver. 3)
Pick Up The Pieces
Pleased To Meet You
Punk Rock Chick
Running Back
Running Home
Running Home (ver. 2)
Running Home (ver. 3)
Running With The Devil
Ruthless Love
Saints Rush In
Shutting You Out
Skin (ver. 2)
Skin (ver. 3)
Skin (ver. 4)
Skin (ver. 5)
Skin (ver. 6)
Skipping Stone
Skipping Stone (ver. 2)
Skipping Stone (ver. 3)
Skipping Stone (ver. 4)
Small Dreams
Soft Spoken
Steal My Love
Taker (ver. 2)
Teach Me How To Love
Tears Of A Dragon
Temporary Insanity
Thank You For Breaking My Heart
That Girl
That Pain
That Was Us
The Pledge
Theres Us
Thief (ver. 2)
This Is Heartache
Time To Be Your 21
Time To Be Your 21 (ver. 2)
Time To Be Your 21 (ver. 3)
Trip Around The World
Ultraviolet (ver. 2)
Ultraviolet (ver. 3)
Walking (ver. 2)
Waste My Time
Weight Of The War
What Rock Have I Been Under
Whens It Gonna Come
Where Does It Hurt
Where Does It Hurt (ver. 2)
Where Is The Sky
White Lines
White Lines (ver. 2)
Who Am I Fooling
Who Am I Fooling (ver. 2)
Worth Waiting For
Your Eyes
Your Eyes (ver. 2)
Your Eyes (ver. 3)