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Alexander Marcus


My name is Marcus Alexander Arvidsson, I was born and raised in Ängelholm, Sweden, and I come from a family of musicians. I started playing the piano at a young age, and picking up the guitar at 14 was my first step towards becoming a singer-songwriter. I studied at the Swedish music gymnasium Mega Musik in Helsingborg which motivated me even more in pursuing my dreams.

After living a few years in Malta, writing my first songs and playing at open mic nights at Casey's Bar regularly, and also after becoming a partnered Twitch music streamer, I decided to really pursue my music dreams in 2013, and thus moved back to Sweden, just after releasing my first single, January Won't Be Long featuring my friend Jo Elise.

I moved to Gothenburg in 2017 and released my debut album, Journey that I worked on for about a year, on and off. It finally came together with the help of Alexander Asp (and Rexius Records), and my friends Nikos Taramanidis (@theguitarbaron) and Linus Blad, whom is also a former classmate of mine from Mega Musik.

I moved to Barcelona mid 2018 which is where I currently live, play music and get inspired.

Guitar Chords:

Hawaii Toast Song
Time Machine