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Alex Campos


Alex Campos is a Christian singer, songwriter, and minister who has won numerous Latin Grammy, Premios ARPA, and GMA Dove awards. His music is well known throughout the Spanish-speaking Americas. Campos began his musical career at age 14, not singing but playing the recorder in his church's worship group. At 17, his first real band, Misión Vida, functioned primarily as a service worship group in church, though Campos was already writing songs. His debut studio album was 2003's Al Taller del Maestro, which was released by the CanZion Group. The album was certified platinum by Asociación Colombiana de Productores de Fonogramas (ASINCOL). It also placed high on the Latin, American Christian, and gospel charts and established Campos' career. He was nominated for four Premios ARPA awards and won as Composer of the Year. It was the first of many.

His next offerings, 2004's Como un Niño and 2006's El Sonido del Silencio, didn't rank nearly as high. Campos began co-writing with his cousin Joshua Flores in 2006; the latter added more traditional Colombian folk flair to Campos' lyrics. In 2008, Cuidaré de Ti hit the Latin, Latin pop, and American Christian charts. In 2009, it was nominated for a Grammy for Best Christian Album (Spanish Language). By this time, Campos had become a YouTube sensation and his soul-stirring live videos racked up millions of views, pushing his concert album and video Te Puedo Sentir to a much wider audience. It too was nominated for a Grammy for Best Christian Album (Spanish Language) in 2010.

Campos returned to the studio that same year, emerging with Lenguaje de Amor in August. It proved to be a Grammy winner in 2011; he took a second one for 2012's Regreso a Ti at the 2013 ceremony. That year, Hillsong: Global Project Español, on which he was a featured artist, won Spanish Album of the Year at the GMA Dove Awards. Campos and Flores stopped writing together in 2013. The singer issued Derroche de Amor, his first album in a decade without his cousin, in the spring of 2015. It entered both the Latin album and Latin pop charts. In 2017, Campos returned with the mariachi-tinged Momentos, which featured reworkings of past favorites alongside newly minted tracks. It received a Grammy nomination for Best Regional Mexican Music Album. ~ Thom Jurek, Rovi
Genres: latin christian, latin worship

Guitar Chords:

10 De Septiembre
10 De Septiembre (ver. 2)
Abre Mis Ojos
Abre Mis Ojos Oh Cristo
Abre Mis Ojos Oh Cristo (ver. 2)
Alliíquiero Estar
Allí Quiero Estar
Amigos (ver. 2)
Amigos (ver. 3)
Amor Eterno
Amor Eterno (ver. 2)
Bajo El Sol
Bajo El Sol (ver. 2)
Bajo El Sol (ver. 3)
Bajo El Sol (ver. 4)
Bendita Mujercita
Busco (ver. 2)
Come On
Como Podré Estar Triste
Como Podré Estar Triste (ver. 2)
Como Un Niño
Conocerte Más
Corro A Tí
Corro A Tí (ver. 2)
Creo En Tí
Cuidaré De Tí
Dile A Ese Gigante
Dios Creó
Eco (ver. 2)
Eco (ver. 3)
El Abuelo
El Sonido Del Silencio
El Taller Del Maestro
Enamorado De Tí
Entregarme Todo
Entregarme Todo (ver. 2)
Eres Todo Para Mí
Este Amor
Este Amor (ver. 2)
Estoy Harto
Fiel (ver. 2)
Junto A Tí
Junto A Tí (ver. 2)
Junto A Tí (ver. 3)
Junto A Tí (ver. 4)
La Fruta Prohibida
La Fruta Prohibida (ver. 2)
La Fruta Prohibida (ver. 3)
La Niña De Tus Ojos
Lenguaje De Amor
Manda La Lluvia
Mas Que Ayer
Me Amas
Me Dijo
Me Dijo (ver. 2)
Me Robaste El Corazon
Me Veo Y Te Veo
Me Veo Y Te Veo (ver. 2)
Me Veo Y Te Veo (ver. 3)
Mi Amor Y Tu Amor
Mil Palabritas
Mil Palabritas (ver. 2)
Mil Palabritas (ver. 3)
Mil Palabritas (ver. 4)
Miraré Al Cielo
Mi Señor Mi Buen Dios
Mi Vida
Mi Vida (ver. 2)
Nada Mas Quien Piensas
Nada Mas Quien Piensas (ver. 2)
Nada Mas Quien Piensas (ver. 3)
No Es Un Misterio
No Podré Vivir Sin Tí
No Tiene Prisa
No Tiene Prisa (ver. 2)
No Tiene Prisa (ver. 3)
No Tiene Prisa (ver. 4)
No Vuelvo Pa'tras
Nube De Colores
Nube Gris
Pinta El Mundo
Por Siempre
Prefiero Estar Con Él
Qué Más Te Puedo Dar?
Quiero, Siento Y Pienso
Quiero, Siento Y Pienso (ver. 2)
Quisiera Ser
Razones Pa' Vivir
Regreso A Ti
Si Tu No Estás
Si Yo Te Dejo
Soy Quien Soy
Soy Quien Soy (ver. 2)
Suave Voz
Suave Voz (ver. 2)
Suave Voz (ver. 3)
Su Dulce Voz
Su Dulce Voz (ver. 2)
Su Dulce Voz (ver. 3)
Sueno De Morir
Te Entrego Mi Ser
Te Necesito Más Que Ayer
Te Puedo Sentir
Te Puedo Sentir (ver. 2)
Te Quiero
Te Quiero Conocer
Te Vengo A Decir
Tiempo De La Cruz
Tu Amistad Me Hace Bien
Tu Amistad Me Hace Bien (ver. 2)
Tu Amistad Me Hace Bien (ver. 3)
Tu Amistad Me Hace Bien (ver. 4)
Tu Amor Y Mi Amor
Tu Conoces
Tu Eres
Tu Eres (ver. 2)
Tu Eres El Rey
Tu Ers Mi Sol
Tu Nombre Levantare
Tu Planeta
Tu Planeta (ver. 2)
Tu Poeta
Tu Sueño De Morir
Tuyo Soy
Tuyo Soy (ver. 2)
Vives Tu Vivo Yo
Vivir Con El
Vuelve Pronto
Vuelve Pronto (ver. 2)
Yo Anhelo
Yo No Temeré
Yo Soy Jesús