Alcarabanda Guitar Chords



Rock Band from Colombia currently based in Spain.
Alcarabanda was founded by singer and songwriter Andrés Alcaraz and Producer and Multi Instrumentist Diego Vanegas.
The duo released their self titled debut album in 1998, an independent album clearly influenced by the 90s American Rock.
After they moved to Spain, Andres and Diego begin to work as producers for many other international artists like il Divo, Juan Magan, Sergio Dalma or Malú and for several years don´t record or produce any songs for their own band. Until the year 2010 when they were hired to perform and record a version of the Beatles song “All Together Now”, as a Spring campaign for Television Española. The song became popular really fast with all the airplay from the Spanish TV, encouraging the duo to begin again their most personal project, hiring Catalan bassist Jordi Alvarez and Chilean drummer Pablo Santiz.
Alcaraz and his new band played in local bars and clubs in Barcelona and Madrid during 2012 and entered the studio to record their first album in almost thirteen years. The album titled “8519”, released in 2014, keeps the essence of the group, their love for classic rock and good taste in lyrics.
The figure (8519) represents the kilometers between their native Medellin and their new home Barcelona.
In 2017 Alcarabanda release their third album, “Locura Temporal” a faster and crunchier album mixing pop punk anthems and classic rock riffs.

Guitar Chords:

Balas De Sangre
Diciendo Adios
Invierno Nuestro