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Albin Lee Meldau


When you distill the breathtaking songs of Sweden's Albin Lee Meldau down to their essence, you'll arrive at the man's motivation: "Storytelling," says the 29-year-old Gothenburg native. "That's what will matter in the long run. If I achieve that, I'm happy. Anyone can sing." First and foremost, Albin considers himself a musical journalist who not only documents what he feels, but also what he sees. But before you discover his gift for weaving emotion, detail and humanity into a unique blend of classic soul and modern pop production, you will hear his voice and be bowled over. Maybe anyone can sing, but as NPR writes, "Few singers can command an audience's attention quite like Albin Lee Meldau. His voice is breathtaking, soulful, thunderous and impossible to ignore."
Genres: swedish singer-songwriter

Guitar Chords:

Lou Lou
Same Boat
The Weight Is Gone