Alanis Morissette - You Learn Guitar Chords

Alanis Morissette

alternative rock, canadian pop, folk-pop, lilith

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: Gsus4, G, Fsus4, F, C, D11, G5, Em7, Dsus4, Csus2, Bb5, C5
You Learn
Recorded by Alanis Morissette
From the album Jagged Little Pill Acoustic
Transcribed by jimisjoint

For those who want to play it correctly,

Looks more complicated than most of the tabs here (cause of all the scary chord names!!)
but is very simple to play if you look at the patterns.


Gsus4, G, Fsus4, F 
(For the acoustic version, only play the A,D,G strings, see chord pattern below)

[Verse 1]

Gsus4, G, Fsus4,                   F                    Gsus4, G, Fsus4, F
  I --     recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone
Gsus4, G, Fsus4,             F                    Gsus4, G, Fsus4, F
  I       recommend walking around naked in your living room


C            D11
  Swallow it down what a jagged little pill
C            D11
  It feels so good swimming in your stomach
C               D11
  Wait until the dust settles


  You live you learn
  You love you learn
  You cry you learn
  You lose you learn
  You bleed you learn
Em7/G                Dsus4       Csus2
  You scream you learn

[Verse 2]
(same as verse 1)

I recommend biting off more than you can chew I certainly do
I recommend sticking your foot in your mouth at any time feel free
Throw it down the caution blocks you from the wind
Hold it up to the rays
You wait and see when the smoke clears

Repeat Chorus

[Middle 8]

Bb5   C5   G5  (x8)

C           D11
  Wear it out the way a three year old would do
C           D11
  Melt it down you're gonna have to eventually anyway
C           D11
  The fire trucks are coming up around the bend

[Repeat Chorus]

  You grieve you learn
  You choke you learn
  You laugh you learn
  You choose you learn
  You pray you learn
  You ask you learn
  You live you learn



Gsus4   x555xx
G       x554xx
Fsus4   x333xx
F       x332xx


C       x32010 (-slides into ->)
D11     x54030 (and back)


(just hold the little and ring fingers in the G5 position throughout and 
change the bass note -cinch huh?):
G5      3x0033
Em7/G   020033     
Dsus4   xx0233
Csus2   x30033

[Middle 8]

Bb5     x133xx
C5      x355xx

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