Alanis Morissette - Excuses Guitar Chords

Alanis Morissette

alternative rock, canadian pop, folk-pop, lilith

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: D, A, G, Gm, Cm, C
Song: Excuses
Artist: Alanis Morissette
Album: So-Called Chaos

Tabbed by David Ward
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I'd noticed no one had bothered to tab any of her new album yet, so here's my addition.
Be nice, it's my first tab!

  D  A  G  Gm Cm

e 2  0  3  3   3
b 3  2  3  3   4
g 2  2  0  3   5
d 0  2  0  5   5
a x  0  2  5   3
E x  x  3  3   3

If you listen to the album version, there's no recognizable strumming pattern, however this
version is meant to be played accoustically. You can just strum the chords, but I recommend you make
a quiet finger-picking pattern for the first verse and then strum starting with the chorus. Just
do what feels right to the mood of the song.


Verse I
D		A
Why no one will help me
    G		A
I'm too dumb I'm too smart
D		A
They'll not understand me
    G		A
I am lonely they'll hate me
    D		      A
And there is not enough time
    G		A
It's too hard to help me
    D		    A
And god wants me to work
	G     A
No resting no lazy

Chorus I
D	  A		Gm	    D
These excuses how they served me so well
They've kept me safe
They've kept me stoic
		Cm	    	 D
They've kept me locked in my own cell

Verse II
D		A
I'm too far from home
	G	      A
It takes far too much energy
    D	        A
And I cannot afford to
       G	A
No one will ever see me

Chorus I

Chorus II
D	A		Gm	 D
These excuses how they're so familiar
They've kept me blocked
They've kept me small
		Cm	   	D
They've kept me safe inside my shell

C		  G
Bringing this into the light
Shakes their foundation
And it clears my side
C	    G
Now my imagination
Is the only thing that limits
    A			      C
The bar that is raised to the heights

Verse III
D		   A
No one can have it all see
  G		A
I have to they want me to
    D		    A
And I can't let them down
       G      A
I'll never be happy

Chorus I

Chorus II



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