Alan Menken - The World Above Guitar Chords

Alan Menken

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Chords: F, Bb, F/A, C, Bb/F, Gm7, Dm, Am, Eb, Cm, Gm, Db, Bb/C, A, A/C#, Dm/C, Dm/B, Am/C, Bb/D, C/E
Original is in F#

[Verse 1]
This is where I belong
Bb                          F/A
Beneath the clear wide blue here
C                Bb/F F           F/A      Gm7    C
I feel completely new here in the world above
F                             F/A
It’s like my life was wrong
Bb                   Dm   Am  Eb
And somehow now at last I’m in
Cm Gm  Db
My own skin
Gm7     F/A    Bb    Bb/C   F
Up here in the world a - bove

[Verse 2]
        Bb      F/A
There’s so much light here
Gm         F
Light and space
     A   A/C#*   Dm         Dm/C
The sun's so       bright here
  Dm/B   C
Upon my face
   Bb       F/A
It feels so right here
A  A/C#*      Dm  Am/C
 Warm    as love
Bb                      Dm/B
Life seems to be almost calling to me
          Bb/C        Bb/D  C/E  F
From this strange new world a - bove

* These chords are just something I personally do when I play it.

It's been a while since I'd last done a tab, but I've recently discovered this little gem of a song.
Listen to the track for a better idea of the chord timings. There are also little nuances in the left hand
(moving up and down notes) that I didn't include because it would be too messy - sorry.

As always, Disney 4eva.
- PinkSushi XD

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