Alan Brydon - Calling Doon The Lines Guitar Chords

Chords: G, D, C, D7, Gsus4, Am7, Em

For original version by Alan Brydon in the key A# major use capo on 3rd fret

The Gsus4-chord (3-3-0-0-1-3) is optional and might be replaced by C. Guitar chords 
by Marc Fahrbach and a special request for John MacRae.

Intro: G-D-C-G   G-D7-G-Gsus4-G   G-Gsus4-G


The (G)boys stood on the (Gsus4)platform(G)

In nineteen seven(D7)teen

(G)Waiting for a (D)train to (C)Salisbury (G)Plain

They were only (Am7)in their (D7)teens.

A (G)lad to his mother said ’(Gsus4)Dinnae (G)fret

We’ll be home by Christmas (D)day.’

And the (G)piper (D)played (C)Scotland the (G)Brave

As they waved the (D7)boys a(G)way -Gsus4-G G-Gsus4-G



(G)Calling doon the line,

Calling (Em)doon the (C)line

And they (G)rallied (D7)roond to the (C)pipers (G)tune

(that was) Calling (D7)doon the (G)lines -Gsus4-G


Bridge: G-D-C-G   G-D7-G-Gsus4-G   G-Gsus4-G


The (G)Sergeant Major (Gsus4)pushed them (G)hard

They were trained in only (D7)days

For to (G)bear the (D)brunt of the (C)Western (G)front

They would soon be (Am7)on their (D7)way

So (G)off they marched, rifles (Gsus4)shoulder (G)high

And all at once they (D)sang

For (G)we’re no a(D)wa, tae (C)bide a(G)wa

Tae the pipers (D7)in the (G)band -Gsus4-G G-Gsus4-G


Chorus + Bridge


The (G)thunder echoed (Gsus4)through the (G)trench

As the shells abin them (D7)rained

And the (G)generals (D)spent a (C)thousand (G)men

For every (Am7)inch they (D7)gained

And the (G)brave young men faced their (Gsus4)battle (G)dawn

So proud to do their (D)jobs

And the (G)piper (D)stood in the (C)line of (G)fire

And played them (D)o’er the (G)top -Gsus4-G G-Gsus4-G


Chorus + Bridge


When (G)no man’s land fell (Gsus4)silent (G)

And they counted all the (D7)dead

The (G)victory (D)claimed would dis(C)guise the (G)shame

And nothing (Am7)more was (D7)said

And the (G)fallen brave on a (Gsus4)foreign (G)field

They gave their very (D)best

And the (G)piper (D)played a (C)sad la(G)ment

As they laid the (D7)boys to (G)rest -Gsus4-G G-Gsus4-G


Chorus twice

And they (G)rallied (D7)roond to the (C)pipers (G)tune

(that was) Calling (D7)doon the (G)lines -Gsus4-G

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