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Alacranes Musical


Started under the direction of Emiliano Martinez, hailing from Danta Maria del Oro in the state of Durango, duranguense pacesetters Alacranes Musical became a fixture on Regional Mexican radio starting in 2004. The group was formed in November of 1998, choosing their name ("Scorpion") to pay homage to their rustic, arid home state of Durango. The band's unique blend of polka, cumbia and balada first caught audiences' attention with their 2003 debut Furia Alacranera. Just a year later, as duranguense began to emerge as an undeniable force in the Regional Mexican music world, Alacranes released A Cambio de Que. The record became one of the top Spanish language releases of the year, a feat not often achieved in the Regional Mexican genre. 2005's 100% Originales went a step further, making it onto Billboard's Top 200. All the while the Alacranes Musical toured the U.S. and Mexico, playing dancehalls and festivals alongside groups like La Banda el Recodo Los Tigres del Norte and Ramon Ayala, bolstering their notoriety all over the continent. Releasing an average of two original records a year, Alacranes topped their previous sales records with the 2006 album A Paso Firme, landing the number one spot on Billboard's Regional Mexican charts, and once again landing in Billboard's Top 200. Alacranes Musical have not slowed their pace since, maintaining a staggering touring schedule while writing and recording new material for their longtime label, Univision. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez, Rovi
Genres: banda, cumbia, duranguense, grupera, norteno, regional mexican

Guitar Chords:

¿a Cambio De Qué?
¿a Cambio De Qué? (ver. 2)
Como Una Gelatina
Como Una Gelatina (ver. 2)
Dame Tu Amor
De Esta Sierra A La Otra Sierra
Donde Estás
El Camaro
Esperando Por Tí
Fue Su Amor
Fue Su Amor (ver. 2)
Lágrimas De Escarcha
Lo Que Son Las Cosas
Lo Que Tu Prefieras
Mi Otra Mitad
Mírame Amor
Nominada Para Nada
No Voy A Llorár
No Voy A Llorár (ver. 2)
No Voy A Llorár (ver. 3)
Nuestro Amor
Por Amarte Asi
Por Tu Amor
Quiero Que Seas Tú
Quiero Que Seas Tú (ver. 2)
Quiero Que Seas Tú (ver. 3)
Ritmo De La Lluvia
Ritmo De La Lluvia (ver. 2)
Sin Tu Amor
Sin Tu Amor (ver. 2)
Si Te Vuelves A Enamorar
Si Yo Fuera Tu Amor
Si Yo Fuera Tu Amor (ver. 2)
Sólo Los Tontos
Sólo Pienso En Tí
Te Busqué
Te Juro Que Te Amo
Te Sigue Esperando Mi Corazón
Un Idiota
Yo No Debi Amarte