Alabaster Box - Theres Hope Guitar Chords

Chords: Ab, Cm, Ab7, Db, Dbm, Eb7, Absus4, Fm
There’s Hope -
Alabaster Box (Words by Naarah Seagrott)
Best Barred
Ab  (466544)
Cm  (335543)
Ab7 (464544)
Db  (446664)
Dbm (446654)
Eb7 (668686)
Absus4 (466644)
Absus4add11 (446544)
Fm  (88101098)

             Ab                   Cm
days almost gone the shadows grow long
                Ab       Ab7        Db   Dbm
i-sit-back and wait for tomorrow to come
                Ab      Eb7          Ab  Absus4 Ab
to bring me a change    to start again

              Ab                        Cm
picked up the phone found out i'd been wrong
     Ab        Ab7        Db  Dbm
on running the race all alone
                  Ab   Eb7             Ab Absus4 Ab
bout taking the reigns    and going my way

  where would i be
        Absus4addb11   Fm   Eb7     Ab
i cannot see but with you there's hope
                         Ab      Absus4addb11
and what could i do but hold on to you
              Fm    Eb7     Ab
cos with you there's hope

     Ab                     Cm
i realise im a thorn in my side
         Ab        Ab7       Db   Dbm
can you come and swallow my pride
               Ab   Eb7              Ab   Absus4 Ab
and lend me a hand      till i understand

[CHORUS x 1]
|: Ab      Db    Fm  Eb7  Ab :|
[VERSE 4] 
              Ab                       Cm
i fall on my face i'll learn from mistakes
         Cm        Ab          Db  Dbm
but you love me       all the same
its called your grace
your love
and your mercy, yeah

[CHROUS x 2]
      Fm    Eb7     Ab
 with you there's hope

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