Al Stewart - Trespasser Guitar Chords

Al Stewart

album rock, art rock, folk, folk rock

Chords: Bm, F#m, Em, D, C, G, A
Play some flamenco licks and arpeggios on chorus chords! :)

Verse 1:

When I first saw your trespasser
F#m                           Bm     F#m   
He wandered uninvited to your door
He seemed to know his way around
  F#m                              Bm    F#m
Although I'd never seen his face before
Bm                        Em
Pausing for a moment underneath your window ledge
He turned around to see the shadow of the sundial on the hedge
            C                         Bm                
There was a tightness in his face, as though he were on edge
I don't know why


    Bm              F#m
You see him in your dreams
    Bm              F#m
You see him in your dreams
    Bm              F#m
You see him in your dreams
    G             A               Bm
But now I seem to see him all the time

Verse 2:

You said if there's a trespasser
F#m                            Bm     F#m   
There must be a footprint or a sign
And what would he be looking for
        F#m                        Bm     F#m   
There's nothing here for anyone to find
    Bm                                 Em
And while you tried to say it couldn't be I realized 
               G                               D
That you could feel no sense of danger and you didn't seem surprised
          C                                   Bm
I got the feeling that you knew more than you said but felt advised 
To keep it in

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3:

Bm                         Em
 Now I see your trespasser go wandering alone
               G                          D
Sometimes he's standing by the flowers or melting in the stone
         C                           Bm
And even when I cannot see him I can feel it in my bones
That he's still there

Repeat Chorus to fade:

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