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You may upset Al Perry by referring to him, as so many do, as "legendary," since this implies a less-than-contemporary stance among pioneer hardcore rock innovators. Far from retired, the venerated guitarist and songwriter has been a fixture on the Tucson-based roots-rock and alt/country scene for decades, widely credited as one of the first musicians to successfully perform "punked-out country" to timelessly adoring audiences worldwide. His ensemble band (The Cattle features interchangeable members, including longtime bassist Dave Roads, drummer Tommy Larkins (who tours with Jonathan Richman), and the Resonars' Matt Rendon. Al and a 1997 version of the Cattle produced Losin' Hand, which is universally hailed, particularly by imitative musicians, as a hallmark of severely cool, intelligent country punk. Musicians dotting the map since the early 1980's mention Losin' Hand as a landmark reocrd of country/punk alchemy, influencing the musical careers of desert rock bands Flathead, Gila Bend, Giant Sand, Calexico, the Lazy Cowgirls, and many others. An occasional actor who pops up in independent and studio films and a celebrated Tucson deejay, Al has been described as "tremendously versatile," "the best musician to happen to another musician" and "a lifetime of influence" (Greg Swanholm, Flathead). Al's discography includes recordings with Marshmallow Overcoat, Rich Hardesty and the Del-Reys, Dan Stuart, Giant Sand, Fish Karma, and The Richies, as well as nearly a dozen compilation albums, including a tribute album to CCR's John Fogerty. ~ Becky Byrkit, Rovi

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