Al Parkinson - The One That Got Away Guitar Chords

Chords: G, D, C, G7
Capo on 1st fret

G,,,, D,,,, C,, D,, G

G                          D
   You have no idea
Or maybe you do
D                   G
    Maybe it's clear
G                                         D
But here's a friend I cannot lose
     C              D          G
So this, I will never tell you

G                                     D
That I'll be, I'll be waiting for you
C         D         G
Til I'm old and grey
G                        D
Ill be waiting for you
                       C                      D                  G
Cos youre the one, you're the one that got away

Some time I stare right at you yeah
screaming, in my mind
But if I ever go to tell you yeah
well it's just never, it's just never the right time


C                D
And sometimes i get tired
C                D
you're the one i'll never hate
C             D         G7
so Ill sit here and dream, babe
C              D
one day I might have you
C             D
One day i might have you yeah
C             D                 G
One day I might hold your hand

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