Al Green - What A Wonderful Thing Love Is Guitar Chords

Al Green

classic soul, funk, memphis soul, quiet storm

Chords: C, Em7, A#M7, A7, Dm7, G7, G13, Bm7, Cdim7, C#m7
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    C    Em7   A#M7   A7   Dm7    G7   G13   Bm7  Cdim7  C#m7



| h  Hammer-on
| x  Dead note
| /  Slide up to note


C Em7 A#M7 A7
* Dm7 G7
* Dm7 G7
* Dm7 G7 G13 G7

[Verse 1]
C            Em7       A#M7    A7      Bm7 Cdim7
Ooh,  what a wonderful thing   love is
C#m7 Dm7              G7                 *
Oh,   I can see you   standing there now
Dm7                              G7           *
  And you're the prettiest thing in the crowd
Dm7                     G7
  And guess who'll  be  laughin' loud

[Verse 2]
    C        Em7             A#M7               A7        *
But me,  you made me see the love   that you're giving me
Dm7               G7            *
Baby,   won't you hold my hand?
Dm7                          G7         *
 Now that kinda makes a fool understand
Dm7                      G7          G13 G7
 Just let me know   that I'm your man

[Verse 3]
And show  I'm not ashamed
  Em7                     A#M7    A7  *
I walk the floor when you leave   me,  me
Dm7             G7             *
Baby,   I don't know about you
Dm7                           G7       *
 But let me tell you what I'm gonna do
Dm7                       G7
 I'm gonna try to make my dreams come true
     C    Em7 A#M7 A7 Bm7 Cdim7 C#m7
With you          baby
     C    Em7 A#M7 A7  Bm7
Wth you     baby,  yeah

Cdim7      C#m7       C                    Em7
 I wanna say,  I been cryin'  without your love
A#M7                     A7
 The night time find me     wetting my pillow
      C          Em7               A#M7
But I,   I don't,   I don't mind,  no
But if you,  you just let me say it again
          C      Em7 A#M7
I've been cryin'
I wish your trouble would leave me alone
But   I've been cryin'
    Em7                                   A#M7
Oh, come on and stop the rain right now,  yeah
Stop the rain, stop the rain, stop the rain, yeah
C     Em7   A#M7 A7
Baby,     baby,  yeah
C            Em7         A#M7    A7
  Oh, what a wonderful   thing   love is

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