Al Green - I Love You With All Of My Heart Guitar Chords

Al Green

classic soul, funk, memphis soul, quiet storm

Chords: B, Ebm7, A, G#7, F#m7/C#, F#m7, Ebm, C#m7, E, F#, E5/B, Bb5, C#7, F#7, A7, F#7sus4
https://www youtube com/watch?v=wWiq6BaPz_E

Notes in (parentheses) are single notes played  I included his mistakes but you can ignore them 

B           Ebm7         A
  I love you, I love yoooou
         G#7     F#m7/C#
Oh yes I do ooooooooo
                F#m7   Ebm B 
With all my          my heart   
A   G#7
Oh! Oh! Ha haaa      (Look)
B                   Ebm7             A
  I need you, ohhhh I want you    I    
Can't help it, I neeeeed you oh
     C#m7              F#m7                                B
With all my  (yeah I love that I love it) with all my heart
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeaaaaaah yeah (mmmhmm)
  E        B
I love you, yes I do
With all of my—with all of my  my heart
N.C                         E
Love is a key (yes siree) I   love you (you better watch out son!)
You’ve been better to me
         Bb5         G#7
than I’ve been to myself
     C#7                   F#7                B
And I can't help it but I love no one else I  
I can't sleep a wink at night
You come and hold me tight
                   G#7                  C#7
You make eveeeeery  thing all right   Ahhhh
Ohhhh I  I love you, (yes I do)
           B             E
With all my heart all my   
I love you with all of my heart  

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