Akihiro Honda - Quiets Theme Guitar Chords

Chords: D, G, F#m, Bm, A, Dm, F, C, Gm
Quiet's Theme
Song by Akihiro Honda
Lyrics by Ludvig Forssell
This Chord Sheet by Paul Fox 
Standard Tuning


D  F#m    Bm      F#m 
Birds in the sky,
    D   F#m    Bm        F#m
Carry these words for me,
D  F#m      Bm      F#m 
Life tasted sweet,
          D    F#m
It let me live,
 D    Bm       F#m
Let me breathe,
D   A         Bm     A
Love hurts so bad, 
     D    A        Bm     A 
But still saved my soul,
D       A         Bm        A
Flowers of a brighter past, 
                D     A
they bloom so free! 
    Bm            A
Beneath the sun,
G         A
  Bm                A
I want to give them to you,
   G           A
So you can see, 
        Bm   A
What we left there.
When all hope bleeds out
What remains is doubt
Should have left it all for you
For tomorrow
        Gm                        Dm
As your time draws near will you live in fear
           F                          C
Could have left it all for you but we let go

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