AJJ (Andrew Jackson Jihad) Guitar Chords

AJJ (Andrew Jackson Jihad)


Long before the shitshow of 2016, AJJ tried to warn us about what lurked beneath American civility. Abusers. Nazis. “Politicians too.” Since 2004, the folk/punk (not folk-punk) band has been a sort of desert prophet, emerging regularly from the 120° Arizona heat to take America to task for all the hypocrisies it won’t admit. White privilege, violent impulses, religious madness. All the colors of the flag.

Over the last 15 years, AJJ have achieved incredible success solely on the back of their songwriting, and the uncompromising clarity of their lyrics. At the end of 2017 they celebrated the 10 year anniversary of 2007’s People Who Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People in the World with more than 50 sold out shows across the U.S., Canada, UK, and Europe.

And while that album remains a high water mark in the folk-punk genre, the band has grown considerably in the last decade. After two diverse full lengths for SideOneDummy (two of their best yet), AJJ now bring us Ugly Spiral: Lost Works 2012-2016, a collection which sheds light on the band’s expanding sound between People and now.

It’s not always pretty, but there lies the beauty. Just don’t say they didn’t warn you next time some gross American shit bubbles up to the surface. ~ Chase Kamp
Genres: acoustic punk, anti-folk, folk punk, lo-fi

Guitar Chords:

All The Dead Kids Unicron
American Body Rentals
American Garbage
American Tune
Angel Of Death
Angel Of Death (ver. 2)
Angel Of Death (ver. 3)
Another Beer
A Song Dedicated To The Memory Of Stormy The Rabbit
A Song Dedicated To The Memory Of Stormy The Rabbit (ver. 2)
Back Pack
Back Pack (ver. 2)
Back Pack (ver. 3)
Bad Bad Things
Bang Bang Bang
Be Afraid Of Jesus
Bells And Whistles
Best Friend
Big Bird
Big Bird (ver. 2)
Black Dog You Are My Sunshine
Blood Hatred Money And Rage 2
Bold With Fire
Border Patrol Yuma
Brave As A Noun
Brave As A Noun (ver. 2)
Candle In The Wind
Candle In The Wind (ver. 2)
Children Of God
Children Of God (ver. 2)
Children Of God (ver. 3)
Chlidren Of God
Codys Theme
Codys Theme (ver. 2)
Coffin Dance
Daddy Didnt Love Me
Darkest Heart
Darling I Love You
David J Is A Sickness
David J Is A Sickness (ver. 2)
Deathlessness (ver. 2)
Deep Dark Basement
Dipping Things In Stuff
Distance (ver. 2)
Do Re And Me
El Paso Border Patrol
Evil (ver. 2)
Fly My Ass
Forest Fire
Fortune Teller
Free Bird
Fucc The Devil
Fucc The Devil (ver. 2)
Fuck White People
Getting Naked Playing With Guns
Gift Of The Magi 2 Still Magiin
God Made Dirt
Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle (ver. 2)
Goodbye Oh Goodbye
Goodbye Oh Goodbye (ver. 2)
Growing Up
Guilt The Song
Hashtag Armageddon
Hate And Kill
Hate Rain On Me
Hate Song For Brains
Hate Song For Brains (ver. 2)
Hate Sticks Hard Party Part 2
Human Kittens
Human Kittens (ver. 2)
I Am So Mad At You
I Am So Mad At You (ver. 2)
If Jeff Swiney Had A Hammer
If You Have Love In Your Heart
I Love You
I Love You (ver. 2)
Im Going To Love My Children
Im Gonna Love My Children
Inner City Basehead History Teacher
Island Song
I Wanna Rock Out In My Dreams
Jesus Saves
Jesus Saves (ver. 2)
Joe Arpaio Is A Punk
Junkie Church
Junkie Church (ver. 2)
Keep On Chooglin
Keep On Chooglin (ver. 2)
Keep On Chooglin (ver. 3)
Kokopelli Face Tattoo
Kokopelli Face Tattoo (ver. 2)
Lady Killer
Lady Liberty
Let Us Get Murdered
Ligtning Bolt
Linda Rondstadt
Linda Ronstadt
Little Brother
Little Prince El Principito
Lookin For Love
Love In The Time Of Human Papillomavirus
Love Songfly My Ass
Love Will Fuck Us Apart
Lucky Strike
Lucky Strike (ver. 2)
My Brain Is A Human Body
No More Shame No More Fear No More Dread
No More Tears
No One
No One (ver. 2)
Now That Im At The Top Of My Game
Oldey Timey
Oldey Timey (ver. 2)
Pacific To Be Specific
People Ii 2 - Still Peoplin
People Ii The Reckoning
People Ii The Reckoning (ver. 2)
People Ii The Reckoning (ver. 3)
Personal Space Invader
Power Plant
Power Plant (ver. 2)
Randys House
Randys House (ver. 2)
Real Suck Cess
Roll Another Number
Sad Songs Intermission
Self Esteem
Sense Sensibility
Skipping Stone
Small Red Boy
Small Red Boy (ver. 2)
Small Red Boy (ver. 3)
Sorry Bro
Still Smokin
Still Smokin (ver. 2)
Survival Song
Temple Grandin
Temple Grandin (ver. 2)
Temple Grandin (ver. 3)
Temple Grandin Too
Temple Grandin Too (ver. 2)
The Freedom Tickler
The Michael Jordan Of Drunk Driving
The Michael Jordan Of Drunk Driving (ver. 2)
Theres No War In This Love
This Is Not A War
This Is Why Im Hot
This Is Why Im Hot (ver. 2)
Truckers Are The Blood
Una Mas Cervasas Por Favor
Unicron (ver. 2)
We Didnt Came Here To Rock
Were All Gonna Die
We Shall Die Alone Someday
We Shall Die Alone Someday (ver. 2)
When Im A Dead Boy
When Im A Dead Boy (ver. 2)
White Face Black Eyes
White Worms
Who Are You
Who Are You (ver. 2)
You Dont Deserve Yourself
You Swan Go On
Zombie By The Cranberries By Andrew Jackson Jihad