AJ Roach Guitar Chords

AJ Roach


b. 1975, Newfield News, Virginia, USA. This California-based singer-songwriter was raised deep in the Appalachians and listened to the region’s bluegrass and old-time country music as a child. Roach began performing in the late 90s and toured extensively throughout the USA and Europe, attracting a cult following for his rootsy brand of Americana. His 2003 debut, Dogwood Winter, drew on the singer’s roots in the Appalachian tradition and some colourful stories from his family history. The album, which was released on Roach’s own New Folk Star label, gained a strong reception on the European Americana scene. Indeed, such was his following overseas that the follow-up was issued in Europe a year before its Stateside release. Revelation saw Roach fleshing out his sound with brass instruments and keyboards, while the songwriting was easily the equal of anything on the debut album. An Internet only mini-album was released in 2007, shortly after the US release of Revelation.

Guitar Chords:

Open Letter To An Ex-Girlfriend
Sears Roebuck Suit
Whistling Train