Air Guitar Chords



Foreign Air released their first single "Free Animal" in 2015 and since their music has been featured in commercials, tv shows, and trailers. They have made appearances at Hangout , FireFly , Shaky Knees, All Things Go festivals as well as toured alongside the likes of Phantogram, BORNS, and Bishop Briggs.
Genres: indie pop, indie poptimism, indietronica, modern alternative rock, modern rock, vapor soul

Guitar Chords:

All I Need
All I Need (ver. 2)
All I Need (ver. 3)
Highschool Prom Playground Love
How Does It Make You Feel
Kelly Watch The Stars
Lucky And Unhappy
Missing The Light Of The Day
New Star In The Sky
People In The City
Playground Love
Playground Love (ver. 2)
Playground Love (ver. 3)
Playground Love (ver. 4)
Radio 1
Sexy Boy
Sing Sang Sung
Surfing On A Rocket
The Vagabond
The Way You Look Tonight
The Way You Look Tonight (ver. 2)
Venus (ver. 2)
Wonder Milky Bitch
You Make It Easy
You Make It Easy (ver. 2)
You Make It Easy (ver. 3)